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Automatic Pool Chlorinators and Feeders

The easy, economical and professional way to chlorinate your pool - Hayward automatic pool chlorinators are efficient, corrosion-proof feeders designed for easy installation on new or existing pools or spas ranging up to a 9 lb. Capacity. The Hayward automatic chlorinators use large or small Tri-Chlor slow dissolving tablets or sticks - enough to supply three weeks of chlorine sanitation for a large pools and longer for smaller pools. The easy to use integral dial control valve lets you accurately adjust the rate of chlorinating needed to keep your pool sparkling clean.

Hayward Automatic Chlorine Feeders

Hayward automatic off-line chlorinator CL200 and CL220 Hayward automatic in-line chlorinator CL100 and CL110


- CL100 - CL200 - CL2002S - CL110 - CL220 - CL110ABG - CL220ABG -


Hayward automatic chlorinators and chlorine feeders with in-line and off-line chlorine feeder options

Hayward Automatic Chlorinators

Easy-lock Cover Assembly has thread-assist mechanism to provide dependable sealing plus convenient access for adding tablets or sticks.

Chlorine Chamber has extra large capacity CL-100 series feeders hold up to 4.2 lb. of Tri-Chlor tabs, while the large capacity CL-200 series has 9 lb. capacity to meet the requirements of all sizes and types of pools. Corrosion-proof, versatile design accommodate large or small slow-dissolving tablets or sticks.

Dial Regulating Valve is easy to use and lets you control and adjust the rate of feed for your pool's variable requirements and chlorine demand.

Feeder Tube provides controlled outlet flow of highly concentrated chlorinated water plus serves as an auto air relief to expel entrapped air from the chlorine chamber

Versatility for new or existing pools. Select either direct in-line unit to make installation easy for your pool or spa system.



Rainbow Automatic Chlorine Feeders

- 320 - 320C - 322 - 300 - 300C - 300-29X -

In-line chlorine feeders 320 series: for permanent installation in return line of new or existing pools or spas. Installs in return line on pressure side of pump downstream of all equipment. Standard with 2 inchslip PVC fittings and adapters for 1 1/2 inch.

Off-line Chlorine feeders 300 series: retrofits onto existing pools or spas. Operates on pressure side of pump. Uses 1/4" feeder hoses, control valve and fittings.


Pool Accessories

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