Nature 2 Mineral Sanitizers
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Nature2 Mineral Sanitizes


The Natural Alternative to Chlorine

Nature2 High Chlorine Baquacil® Chlorine Generator
Saves Time? Yes No Somewhat No
Irritating Side Effects? None at all Yes No Yes
Cost? Inexpensive Inexpensive V. Expensive V. Expensive
Reliability? Excellent Volatile Good Volatile

What is Nature2? Nature2 is a water purification technology for swimming pools and spas that gives the purest, cleanest water imaginable

How does Nature2 Work? Nature2 products use the same mineral found in nature to trap bacteria, algae and viruses. Because Nature2 traps bacteria, algae and viruses, less harsh chemicals are needed to keep your pool or spa water balanced. By using Nature2, you reduce the level of harsh chemicals by 50% to 80% versus the harsh chemicals level you would need without Nature2.


Nature2 is the only purifier that guarantee all the followings:

Guaranteed - Less Chlorine, less chemical use, fewer chemical hassles.
Guaranteed - Safer for Chlorine.
Guaranteed - No red, burning eyes, irritated skin or discolored hair.
Guaranteed - Easy to use. Less time required for pool maintenance.
Guaranteed - Annual cost equal to or less than your current treatment.
Guaranteed - Nature2 will never create pool.
Guaranteed - Safer for the environment.
Guaranteed - A more refreshing, highly enjoyable swimming experience.

Nature2 Mineral Sanitizers

Nature2 Express: For inground and aboveground pools. Reduce chlorine by upto 80%. Simple installation.
- [Nature2 Express] - [Replacement Cartridge]
Nature2 Professional G: For in-ground pools up to 45,000 gals. 1.5" FPT or 2" ports, three cartridge sizes available:
- 10,000 - 25,000 gals. [ProG25] - [Replacement cartridge]
- 25,000 - 30,000 gals. [ProG35] - [Replacement cartridge]
- 35,000 - 45,000 gals. [ProG45] - [Replacement cartridge]

Cartridge lasts 6 months, 5 year limited warranty on vessel.

Nature2 Pro G Plus: combines the benefits of the mineral sanitizer and the automatic chlorine dispenser. Uses standard 3" chlorine tablets. 2” slip Ports. Available in 3 sizes for pools:
- 10,000 to 25,000 gals. [ProGP25] - [Replacement cartridge]
- 25,000 to 35,000 gals. [ProGP35] - [Replacement cartridge]
- 35,000 to 45,000 gals. [ProGP45] - [Replacement cartridge]

Cartridge lasts 6 months, 2 year limited warranty on vessel.


Nature2 Premium M for inground pools (1.5" port) for 5,000 to 25,000 gallons pools. 5 year warranty, Cartridge lasts 6 months.

- [Nature2 Premium M] - [Replacement Cartridge]


Nature2 Aboveground A (1.5" port) for 5,000 - 30,000 gallons pools. Limited Warranty: Vessel Housing 5 years, Cartridge lasts 6 months.

- [Nature2 A] - [Replacement Cartridge]

Nature2 CF: Turn your cartridge filter into a pool sanitizer. Nature2 CF is designed for both in-ground and aboveground pools equipped with cartridge filters. Simply drop the Nature2 sanitizer into your existing cartridge filter.
Nature2 spa mineral sanitizer. for spas up to 1,000 gallons. Cartridge lasts up to 4 months.
Nature2 test strips for monopersulfate, total alkalinity and pH levels


How Do I Know if Nature2 is Working? The best test is improved water quality, you'll notice a big difference. Visual clarity and sparkle even at low oxidizer levels show Nature2 is working properly.

After it's installed, will pool maintenance change? Yes, you will dramatically reduce chemicals use and maintenance time. Basket cleaning, vacuuming and water testing will be the same as before, but the pool filter will run cleaner and water balance will be easier, meaning there is simply less to do.

Do I still need to use chlorine? Why? Yes, you need to use a small amount of residual oxidizer. With Nature2 you can reduce this amount by 50% to 80%. For superior results, we recommend low levels of chlorine ( 0.4 ppm free chlorine minimum). You won't feel, smell or be affected by chlorine at this level.

Are low levels of minerals safer in pool? Yes, water treated by Nature2 actually meets and exceeds EPA drinking water standards for bacteria, silver and copper.

In Nature2 compatible with other products? Nature2 can be used with every type of chemical treatment program available except bromine and bromide based chemicals, biguanide products (Baquacil or SoftSwim) and copper-based algaecide.

Is Nature2 a filter? No. A filter removes particles and debris, while Nature2 purifies pool water by trapping bacteria, algae and virus, which are too small to be caught by filter. You still need a filter when using a Nature2 system.

Is Nature2 an "iodizer"? No. Iodizers electrically discharge copper (or metal alloy) ions into water, Ionizers can deliver ions via an electrical current (electrodes) or salt dissolution.

When do I replace the cartridge? Each model comes with a reminder to tell you when to replace it.

What affects cartridge life?
Nothing - including filter run time, heavy use, hot weather, and water temperature.

How do I dispose of used cartridges?
The minerals inside Nature2 are natural, so it is safe for disposal with other hosehold trash

Can Nature2 stain my pool?
No. Nature2 minerals remain well below levels that might cause staining. In fact, Nature2 offers a "no-stain" warranty.

How often do I need (shock)?
Because of the efficiency of Nature2, super-oxidation is needed much less often. You only need to super-oxidize if the pool becomes dull or cloudy. The start-up of each new cartridge requires an initial shock with chlorine.

Why should I choose Nature2?
For all the reasons outlined on this sheet. But don't take our word for it, Nature2 was ranked the #1 Chlorine alternative by an independent survey from Swimming Pool/Spa Age Magazine. And Nature2 has been installed in over 180,000 Swimming pools nationwide.