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Hayward Navigator Pro 925ADV Pool Cleaner

For Inground Vinyl & Fiberglass Pools

Hayward Navigator Pro 925V Pool Cleaner is designed for Inground vinyl or fiberglass pools. The Hayward Navigator Pro with it's new design enhancements sets the standard for high performance Inground pool cleaning of all types and shapes. The newly engineered Navigator Pro 925V automatic pool cleaner features many new product enhancements including durable components, 40 % larger intake, faster cleaning time and improved programmed steering. As always, the Hayward Navigator is easy to install and operate.


Hayward Navigator 925C pool cleaner for concrete pools
925ADC Navigator Pro 925ADC Gunite/Concrete pool cleaner - New design and advancements, sets the standard in high performance cleaning of Inground pools of all types and sizes. More durable components, 40% larger intake faster cleaning.
Navigator PRO 925ADC

Reg. 399
After mail-in. $50 Rebate

Hayward Pool cleaner
925ADV Navigator Pro 925ADV Navigator 925V Vinyl/Fiberglass pool cleaner, features new product enhancements such as wider, longer wearing wings, 40% larger debris intake plus 2 year limited warranty.
Navigator 925ADV

Reg. 399
After mail-in. $50 Rebate

Hayward Pool Vac Ultra pool cleaner
2025ADC PoolVac XL Gunite/Concrete, 40" hose Navigator 925V Vinyl/Fiberglass cleaner, features new product enhancements such as wider, longer wearing wings, 40% larger debris intake.
Hayward PoolVac XL 2025ADC

Reg. 399
After mail-in. $50 Rebate

Hayward pool vac ultra pool cleaner for vinyl fiberglass pool cleaner
2025ADV PoolVac XL Vinyl/Fiberglass pool cleaner - New design and advancements, sets the standard in high performance cleaning of Inground pools of all types and sizes. More durable components, 40% larger intake faster cleaning.
Hayward PoolVac XL 2025ADV

Reg. 399
After mail-in. $50 Rebate

Hayward TigerShark Robotic Pool Cleaner with 3 hours rim-to-rim cleaning powerful self-contained robotic pool cleaner for inground pools.
Hayward TigerShark



Hayward TigerShark with caddy

Buy automatic pool Cleaner

TigerShark QC

Hayward TigerShark QC, featuring patented Quick Clean technology can clean standard residential pool in 60 minutes. Choose between more efficient Quick Clean cycle or standard full clean cycles.

Hayward TigerShark QC

TigerShark QC


AquaBug, Wanda The Whale, Diver Dave- Designed to clean the bottom of all sizes and shapes of aboveground and on-ground pools. Cost-effective pool cleaner ready to run out of the box.

Hayward Pool Vac® Classic Pool cleaner
* Pre-programmed steering pattern assures thorough, efficient pool coverage
* Superior Turbine Technology means it operates silently with no pulsating hoses or noisy parts
* Easy to use – Connects in less than 10 minutes to skimmer or suction port
* Removes small to medium-sized debris
* For concrete in-ground pools



After mail-in. $30 Rebate
DV5000 Inground pool cleaner
* Powered by your existing filtration equipment
* Cleans your pool’s floor and walls – automatically
* One moving part ensures years of dependable service
* No tools necessary and installs in less than 10 minutes
* Pulls in dirt from 3 intake ports
* Swivel foot pad for easy navigation out of tight corners
* Energy efficient. No additional electricity or pumps needed
* Includes 40 feet of hose to cover pools up to 16’ x 32’


after $30 rebate




Hayward Navigator Pro 925V Features

Your Hayward Navigator box contains:
Hayward Navigator 925V pool cleaner head Hayward Navigator Pro 925C pool cleaner head designed for concrete and gunite Inground pools. With an increased throat capacity of over 40%, The Hayward Navigator Pro vacuums large debris while it covers your entire pool. From microscopic dust and pollen to large leaves and twigs, the Navigator handles it all. The front bumper has been curved to allow faster push-off from walls so it can spend more time cleaning. And with the enhanced wingspan, coverage and performance are increased by 10%
Hayward Navigator flow gauge The Hayward Navigator Pro flow gauge will help you determine water flow for optimum cleaning performance
Hayward Navigator hose Your new Hayward Navigator Pro package includes 1 x 4 ft. Leader hose, 9 x 4 ft. Connector hoses, and a skimmer cone.
Hayward Navigator Regulator Valve The Hayward Navigator Pro Regulator Valve ensures proper operation of your pool vacuum in pools with higher volume/suction pumps.
Hayward Pool cleaner Navigator and PoolVac Ultra Limited two year warranty on all Hayward Navigator
Limited two year warranty on all Hayward Navigator Inground pool cleaners


Hayward® Navigator Pro™ Pool Cleaner Parts


Ref. #
Part # Hayward Navigator Replacement Part
Buy One
la AXV411LG Top shell for Navigator concrete, light gray (exchange only)
lb AXV416BG Top shell for Navigator vinyl, burgundy (exchange only)
2 AXV070 Cone gear, clear part
3 AXV301 Intermediate gear part
4 AXV309 Intermediate gear shaft part
5 AXV068 Spindle gear screw part
6 AXV303 Spindle gear part
7 AXV066A Spindle gear bushing part
8 AXV306 Cone gear bushing part
9 AXV060WH Upper Middle body. white part
10 AXV065P Upper body screw (6 pack) part
11 AXV064A Medium turbine drive gear part
12 AXV062C Medium turbine part
13 AXV009 Medium turbine case w/axle part
14 AXV408P Gear box assembly part
15a AXV051ABK Rear screen, black part
15b AXV051ABG Rear screen, burgundy part
15c AXV051ALG Rear screen, I ight gray part
16 AXV054P Float (2 pack) part
17 AXV050CWH Lower middle body part, white
18a AXV6D5LGP replacement Bumper part, light gray
18b AXV605WHP replacement Bumper part, white
18c AXV605BKP replacement Bumper part, black
19 AXV057P Middle Body screw part (6 pack) *
20 AXV313 Lower body screw part (4 pack) *
21 AXV031B Flap Adjuster part
22a AXV230DBK Lower body part, black *
22b AXV230DWH Lower body part, white
23a AXV434BKP Flap kit black part (2 flaps, front & rear springs)
23b AXV434WHP Flap kit white part (2 flaps, front & rear springs)
24 AXVO15P Pod screw kit part (2 hex head screws & 2 washers)
25 AXVO16P Pod plug part (6 pack) *
26a AXV604BKP Wing kit black part (right and left wings)
26b AXV604WHP Wing kit white part (right and left wings)
27a AXV414P Replacement Pod shoes, concrete part (4 pack)
27b AXV413P Replacement Pod shoes, vinyl part (4 pack)
27c AXVO14CP Replacement Pod shoes, ceramic part (4 pack)
27d AXVO14SP Replacement Pod shoes, slotted part (4 pack)
28 AXV314P Replacement Captive Screw & Retaining Clip *
29 AXV141 Fixed access cover ass'y for concrete & desert models
30a AXV603 Fixed access cover ass'yfor concrete and desert models ( for Model # 925C)
30b AXV603A Fixed access cover ass'y for vinyl models (for Model # 925V)
31a AXV417WHP Replacement Pod kit, white (right/left pods, plugs, screws & washers)
31b AXV417BKP Replacement Pod kit black (right/left pods, plugs, screws & washers)
32 AXV055P Replacement Turbine bearings (2 pack)
33 AXV093CP Replacement Skimmer Cone part
-- V574P Flow gauge
-- AXV079VP Medium turbine/spindle gear kit (medium turbine, drive gear,
bushing, vinyl spindle gear, screw, medium turbine axle,
intermediate gear, intermediate gear axle)


The Hayward Technical Services group provides support for both our trade partners and consumers. To better support the needs of our trade customers Hayward maintains two technical service locations in our manufacturing facilities.

In the east:
Hayward Technical Services
1 Hayward Industrial Drive
Clemmons, NC 27012
(908) 355-7995

In the west:
Hayward Technical Services
2875 Pomona Blvd.
Pomona, CA (USA) 91768
(866) HAY-POOL (429-7665)

For Goldline technical support call (800) 343-0826.


Hayward Navigator/ Pool Vac Ultra Automatic Cleaner Technical Guide

Pool Cleaner Selection: Hayward automatic pool cleaners are available for both in-ground and above-ground swimming pool applications, with inground models specifically designed for vinyl, gunite and fiberglass types. Selecting the proper model will ensure your automatic cleaner operates as efficiently as possible.

Pool Cleaner Installation: Hayward Navigator and Pool Vac Ultra automatic pool cleaners are "suction side" cleaners and can operate by simply removing the skimmer basket and connecting the cleaner hose direct to the suction line. For in-ground applications, alternate installation options are available.

Dedicated Suction Line Applications For applications where an in-wall suction line is desired, Hayward offers the Vac Lock', listed by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials. The Vac Lock is a safety mechanism designed with a spring action cover to hold the hose in place and to close the suction fitting automatically when not in use.

Dedicated Suction Line Applications For applications where an in-wall suction line is desired, Hayward offers the Vac Lock'

Automatic Skimming - Vacuuming Action Hayward also offers a Skimmer Vacuum Plate that automatically alternates between skimming and vacuuming for greater pool cleaning balance. Skimmer Vacuum Plates allow the debris to be caught in the skimmer basket for easier clean-up.

Automatic skimmer vacuum plate compatible with hayward SP1082, SP1084, Pac Fab/Pentair Skim Clean
Automatic skimmer vacuum plate compatible with hayward SP1070, SP1075, All Swim Quip U-3's, Pentair Bermuda

Sizing Automatic Pool Cleaner Hose Length/ Tips on Vacuum Requirements (for all in-ground cleaners that include a vacuum gauge June 2001 and prior) To correctly size Hayward automatic cleaners, measure from the skimmer or Vac Lock to the farthest point in the pool. Add two hose lengths to provide sufficient mobility for the cleaner

Example: A 16' x 32' rectangular pool will normally require 8-10 lengths of hose depending on depth and skimmer placement. After the correct hose length is selected and automatic cleaner installed, use the in-line vacuum gauge to check for proper water flow and adjust to satisfy the formula below

Proper Vacuum = 1" of vacuum x # of hose lengths

Example: A pool using 8 hose lengths requires 8" of vacuum for proper operation.

If the vacuum level is too high, adjust the filter system valving accordingly. In the absence of sufficient valving, use the optional in-line regulator valve. Improper vacuum levels can preventthe cleanerfrom climbing vertical walls in gunite/concrete pools or "sticking" at steps and corners. Maintaining proper vacuum also ensures efficient water flow through the throat for effective cleaning. For complete installation information, refer to your Hayward automatic pool cleaner's installation manual.

Saving Money by Saving Energy The Hayward Navigator and Pool Vac Ultra suction cleaners use the existing filtration system and do not require a Booster Pump - thereby saving operating and maintenance costs.

Optimal Cleaning Efficiency For pools with heavy debris, Hayward leaf canisters are available The large capacity canisters trap leaves and other large debris before reaching the pool's pump and filter system. The superior design allows the water to bypass the debris and maintain proper flow to the pump. The Lexan see-thru construction allows you to immediately know when emptying is necessary.

Hayward Leaf Traps

Hayward standard leaf trap with removable plastic basket inside.
Hayward Large capacuty leaf trap with removable mesh bag inside.
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