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Hayward Automatic Pool Cleaner Parts

We sell only genuine OEM Replacement Parts


Hayward Navigator Pro and Pool Vac Pool cleaner parts

Ref. #
Part # Hayward Navigator Replacement Part
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la AXV411LG Top shell for Navigator concrete, light gray (exchange only)
lb AXV416BG Top shell for Navigator vinyl, burgundy (exchange only)
2 AXV070 Cone gear, clear part
3 AXV301 Intermediate gear part
4 AXV309 Intermediate gear shaft part
5 AXV068 Spindle gear screw part
6 AXV303 Spindle gear part
7 AXV066A Spindle gear bushing part
8 AXV306 Cone gear bushing part
9 AXV060WH Upper Middle body. white part
10 AXV065P Upper body screw (6 pack) part
11 AXV064A Medium turbine drive gear part
12 AXV062C Medium turbine part
13 AXV009 Medium turbine case w/axle part
14 AXV408P Gear box assembly part
15a AXV051ABK Rear screen, black part
15b AXV051ABG Rear screen, burgundy part
15c AXV051ALG Rear screen, I ight gray part
16 AXV054P Float (2 pack) part
17 AXV050CWH Lower middle body part, white
18a AXV6D5LGP replacement Bumper part, light gray
18b AXV605WHP replacement Bumper part, white
18c AXV605BKP replacement Bumper part, black
19 AXV057P Middle Body screw part (6 pack) *
20 AXV313 Lower body screw part (4 pack) *
21 AXV031B Flap Adjuster part
22a AXV230DBK Lower body part, black *
22b AXV230DWH Lower body part, white
23a AXV434BKP Flap kit black part (2 flaps, front & rear springs)
23b AXV434WHP Flap kit white part (2 flaps, front & rear springs)
24 AXVO15P Pod screw kit part (2 hex head screws & 2 washers)
25 AXVO16P Pod plug part (6 pack) *
26a AXV604BKP Wing kit black part (right and left wings)
26b AXV604WHP Wing kit white part (right and left wings)
27a AXV414P Replacement Pod shoes, concrete part (4 pack)
27b AXV413P Replacement Pod shoes, vinyl part (4 pack)
27c AXVO14CP Replacement Pod shoes, ceramic part (4 pack)
27d AXVO14SP Replacement Pod shoes, slotted part (4 pack)
28 AXV314P Replacement Captive Screw & Retaining Clip *
29 AXV141 Fixed access cover ass'y for concrete & desert models
30a AXV603 Fixed access cover ass'yfor concrete and desert models ( for Model # 925C)
30b AXV603A Fixed access cover ass'y for vinyl models (for Model # 925V)
31a AXV417WHP Replacement Pod kit, white (right/left pods, plugs, screws & washers)
31b AXV417BKP Replacement Pod kit black (right/left pods, plugs, screws & washers)
32 AXV055P Replacement Turbine bearings (2 pack)
33 AXV093CP Replacement Skimmer Cone part
-- V574P Flow gauge
-- AXV079VP Medium turbine/spindle gear kit (medium turbine, drive gear,
bushing, vinyl spindle gear, screw, medium turbine axle,
intermediate gear, intermediate gear axle)




Ref. #
Part # Phantom Pool Cleaner Parts
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l AX6001F Cam cap
2 AX5003M CAm 3-pack
3 AX6000TNKA Nose Jet Tank
4 AX6008M Front Spin-out Jet (wi Hose and Tie)
5 AX6000GA Gearbox (w/Cams, Hose and Ties)
6 AX6009BF Front Wheel (w/Retainer and Bearings)
7 AX5010D4 Screws (5 pack)
8 AX6000SWA Top/Auto/Bot Switch
9 AX6009B Rear Wheels w/Bearings, Nuts and Hubcaps
10 AX5009E1 Split Rear Axle (for units manufactured after June 2006)
11 AX5500EF Floats (Left & Right)
12 AX5000B Vac Tube
13 AX6000MA3 Manifold Assembly
14 AX6004Rl Manifold Filter Screen (only for use in AX6000MA3 Manifold)
15 AX6000D Soft Rollers (7 Pack wi Bearing)
16 AX6000BA Large Capacity Debris Bag (Complete)
17 AX6000FC Bag Closure
18 AX6000HA Rigid Pressure Hose (Complete)
19 AX5004L1 Universal Wall Fitting
20 AX5010G10 Wall Quick Connect D-Ring
21 AX6000HWA Wall Quick Connect Hose, Bottom In-Line Filter Assembly
22 AX6009S In-Line Filter Screen
23 AX501OG19 In-Line Filter O-Ring
24 AX6000HWA2 Pressure Hose and Top of In-Line Filter Cap Assembly
25 AX5010G20 Pipe Connector O-Ring (6 pack)
26 AX6000HFA Hose Swivel Assemby
27 AX6000HE Rigid Hose Pipe Section (2 Rigid Pipes & 1 Coupling)
28 AX6000HCA Pressure Hose Cleaner End Assembly (WiD Sweep Hose)
29 AX6000RSHA Sweep Hose (w/Rollers and Mender Nut)
30 AX5006A Wear Rollers (10 pack)
31 AX5010G18 Cleaner Connector O-Ring
32 AX6000PTA Set up Pressure Gauge
33 AX6000TA Deck (w/Wing & Cam Cap)
34 AX5000A2 Bottom Housing

Hayward Pool cleaner parts & Accessories

Part # Description Price/Buy
Hayward Phantom Cleaner Rigid Hose Pipe Sections - AX6000HE

Hayward Phantom Cleaner Large all-purpose debris bag - AX6000BA

Hayward Phantom Cleaner Hose Swivel - AX6000HFA

Hayward Phantom wall quick conn hose bottom - AX6000HWA1
Hayward Phantom CLEANER CONNECT O-ring - AX5010G10G18
Hayward Phantom WALL CONNECT O-ring - AX5010G10
Hayward Phantom universal wall fittings - AX5004L1


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