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** This item has been discontinued **

Hayward Phantom Turbo Pool Cleaner

Pressure-side pool cleaner that Cleans bottom, walls, stairs and rises to skim the surface

Phantom Turbo Pool Cleaner

TigerShark pool Cleaner


Phantom Turbo with Booster Pump


TigerShark pool Cleaner



The world's only total pool cleaner - The Hayward Phantom Turbo pool cleaner is the latest in pressure-side pool cleaners from Hayward designed for use in all types of Inground pools including concrete, Gunite, Vinyl and Fiberglass. The Hayward Phantom Turbo pool cleaner is the only one of it's kind that vacuums and clean the bottom, cleans the sides, stairs and also rises to the top to systematically skim debris from the surface of the water.


The First Automatic Pool Cleaner to Skim the Surface

Hayward Phantom automatic pool cleaner skimming the surface  $200 main-in rebate


The Hayward Phantom Turbo pool cleaner not only cleans the bottom and sides of your pool, it also automatically rises to the top and skims the surface. In auto mode, the Hayward Phantom Turbo cleaner cleans the bottom and sides for approximately 13 minutes, then surfaces for seven minutes, repeating the cycle until your pool is clean. The average pool can be completely cleaned in under three hours. It's a custom-made clean only Phantom can deliver. To see the unmatched cleaning power of the Hayward Phantom Turbo cleaner today visit www.haywardnet.com

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Hayward Phantom Pool Cleaner Features:

The first Pool Cleaner to skim the surface
Faster Cleaning, wider vacuum nozzle, powerful sweep hose, cleans most pools in 3 hours or less
Complete pool coverage, randomized cleaning, back-up and spinout
Larger Debris pickup, larger suction inlet, three high pressure water jets
Less frequent Bag Cleaning large capacity bag, easy to remove, clean and replace debris bag
Less water on pool surface, patented AquaDrive Water Jet Propulsion, No powered wheels

Hayward Phantom Pool cleaner cleans the bottom, sides, steps and skims the surface of the pool

Hayward phantom pool cleaner information

Hayward Phantom pool cleaner installation

Hayward Phantom Installation with booster pump

Hayward Booster Pump Installation Diagrams


Hayward Phantom Cleaner Parts

Hayward Phantom Large all-purpose debris bag AX6000BA
Hayward Phantom Hose Swivel Assembly AX6000HFA
Hayward Phantom Rigid Hose Pipe Sections AX6000HE
Large all-purpose debris bag AX6000BA
Hose Swivel Assembly AX6000HFA
Universal Wall Fitting AX5004L1
Rigid Hose Pipe Sections AX6000HE



Hayward Pool Cleaner Part
Hayward Phantom wall quick conn hose bottom - AX6000HWA1
Hayward Phantom CLEANER CONNECT O-ring - AX5010G10G18
Hayward Phantom WALL CONNECT O-ring - AX5010G10


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  Hayward Phantom Polaris 380 Letro Platinum
Cleaning Path Width 7.75 Inches 5.5 Inches 4.75 Inches
Bag Capacity 6+ Quarts 2.5+ Quarts 5.5+ Quarts
Skims, surface; cleans bottom, steps and walls Yes No No
Drive System AquaDrive H2O Jet 3 Belt-driven Wheels 4 Wheels, 2 direct Drive
Hose 5/8 Inch Rigid 1/2 Inch 1/2 Inch
Sweep or Whip Hose 4 Ft. Sweep Hose 3 foot 8 in. whip w/Scrubber 4 foot 8 inches whip
Spin-out Mechanism Built-in Spin-out Backup Jet on Hose Backup Jet on Hose
Spin-out Frequency Prog. 30, 50, 70 sec. Fixed 3 mins. Fixed 3 mins.
Spin-out Duration 5 to 8 Sec. 45 sec. 45 sec.
Cleaning-to-backup Ratio 90% 10% 75% 25% 75% 25%
Throat Narrowest Point 1.5 Inches. 1.35 Inches 0.85 Inches
Warranty 1-year Limited 1-year Limited 1-year Limited

The above comparison information was copied from a Hayward publication on the new Hayward® Phantom™ pool cleaner LITPHAN05 (22860 jct 12/04) for more info. contact Hayward Pool Products, Inc.

Hayward Phantom Turbo Pool cleaner vacuums bottom, walls and steps also skims the surface Hayward Phantom turbo pool cleaner installation guide Hayward Phantom pool cleaner replacement parts