Kreepy Krauly Great White GW9500 - $50 mail-in rebate
Kreepy Krauly GW9500

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Kreepy Krauly® Great White
GW9500™ Pool Cleaner

Scrubs and vacuums a 15" path for faster cleaning

Sta-Rite Great White GW9500 Pool Cleaner for inground pools of all type and shape. Comes complete with hose, swivel cone assembly, connector and installation manual easy setup in 15 minutes and easy mantainance. GW9500 cleaner can scrub and vacuum at the same time for quicket cleaning and picks-up small debris like sand and silt. Kreepy Krauly  Great White pool cleaner

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GW9500 consumer reward program:
Purchase a Great White GW9500 pool cleaner between
January 1, 2013 and December 31,
and receive a $50 mail0in rebate from Pentair

Mail-in Rebate -$50

Price after rebate


Kreepy Krauly Great White GW9500 Pool Cleaner

• Patented bristle drive dislodges tough dirt and debris for quick and thorough cleaning.
• Programmed steering easily navigates around pool obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning.
• Cuts a wide 15" path for quick cleaning.
• FREE Vac-Port Door Fitting for installation into dedicated vacuum line.
• Adjustable regulator valve and FREE flow gauge let you set just the right cleaning speed
• No assembly required, just hook to hose and go.







Great White - GW9500 in-ground pool cleaner - Unique bristle drive and oscillating vortex design effectively scrubs and vaccums away large and small debris. Well-suited for flat-, dish- incline-, and hopper-bottom pools. Clears a 15" path and powerfully surfaces. Unique turning mechanism allows escape from difficult areas.
Pool Chemicals from Natural Chemistry algaecide clarifier from seaKlear Installation Guide
Rebate -$50
Price after rebate $299

Kreepy Krauly SandShark GW7900 pool cleaner

Patented bottom platform features multiple rows of squeegee-like fins which easily dislodge stubborn dirt and debris. Cuts a 12" wide cleaning path and easily cleans gunite, fiberglass and vinyl surfaces in all types of inground pools.

Rebate -$50
Price after rebate $299


Kreepy Krauly Great White GW9500 Pool Cleaner Installation Help:

Before installing the Kreepy Krauly GW9500 cleaner in vinyl liner pool: Check liner closely for signs of deterioration or damage from age, chemicals, pool wall damage, etc. If any damage is found, have a qualified pool professional make all necessary repairs. Also, if there are stones, roots, etc., under the liner, remove them before installing the cleaner.

Before installing the Kreepy Krauly GW9500 cleaner in gunite pool or a pool that is partially or completely tiled: Repair loose tiles and tighten any loose light rings.

Before installing the Kreepy Krauly GW9500 cleaner, clean your filter system: Make sure you have cleaned the filter, including backwashing, rinsing and emptying all baskets. A clean system is necessary for proper cleaner operation and coverage.

Before installing the Kreepy Krauly GW9500 cleaner, fill the hose with water: Always make sure the cleaner head is submerged and the hose is full of water before connecting the hose to the filtration system (whether through a skimmer or dedicated wall fitting). Air in the system can damage the pump through dry runnign and overheating.

Before installing the Kreepy KraulyGW9500 cleaner, understand cleaner coverage: The cleaner is designed to rid your pool of debris in approximately 4-6 hours. Less time could be needed, depending on the pool size.

The Kreepy Krauly GW9500 cleaner was not designed to automatically clean steps or swimouts or to work under a solar cover. It was also not designed to do initial cleanup for new pool or when opening your pool for the season.

Sta-Rite GW9500 Cleaner Parts and accessories

Kreepy Krauly Great White GW9500 Pool Cleaner

- Double rows of bristles scrubs as it vacuums

- Excellent cleaning performance in all sizes and shapes of pools

- Cuts a 15" path for quick cleaning

- FREE Vac-Port door fitting for installation in to a dedicated return/vacuum line

- Includes handy telepole adopter for manual spot cleaning

- Automatic valve regulates water flow to set optimum travel speed for more deep cleaning

Revolutionary Design
The Kreepy Krauly Great White 9500 is ultimate pool cleaning machine - the only automatic pool cleaner that scrubs it with it's double rows of directional bristles that loosen dirt as it devours debris both large and small. The Great White has a unique turning mechanism that allows escape from difficult areas and obstacles.
Brushes while it cleans

The Kreepy Krauly Great White 9500 vacuums and cleans hopper bottoms, dish bottoms, incline pool bottoms and in-ground pool walls. Its rugged, UV-resistant, injection molded shell houses Sta-Rite's unique bristle drive and oscillating vortex for exceptional performance and maintenance-free reliability.

Easy To Install
The Sta-Rite Great White GW9500 pool cleaner Installs in minutes and requires no specialized tools, cost less to run and maintain. Includes (1) piece 32 ft. long hose, an 8 ft. extension hose, Unidapt handle and a 6 in. coupler hose. Telescopic pole may be attached to cleaner head to spot vacuum and brush small areas of the pool. The unique bristle drive automatically propels the cleaner to give your pool bottom complete cleaning coverage.


Great White GW9500 Pool Cleaner Parts

1 GW9012 Swivel Assembly
2 GW9502 Bumper
3 GW9504 Screw Kit (4 short, 2 long)
4 GW9501 Shroud
5 GW9S0S Brush Ring Kit [Indudes Vacuum Skirt) N/A
6 GW9506 Oscilator Chamber Cap
7 GW9507 Cam Kit (2 & 3 Leg Cams)
8 GW9509 Idler Gear Kit (Includes 3 Gears)
9 GW9512 Block Kit (Includes 2 Blocks)
10 GW9513 Long Gear Shaft (Stainless Steel)
11 GW9536 Shaft Kit (Stainless Steel) I
12 GW9535 Lower Body
13 GW9517 Uft Brush
14 GW9508 Vacuum Skirt
15 GW9522 Uft Brush Spring
16 GW9523 Ratchet Tab (Stainless Steel)
17 GW9004 Oscillator Assembly Kit (Includes 2 Seals)
18 GW9503 Oscillator Assembly Kit (Includes Key #17, Ratchet Ass'y not sold separately
19 GW9013 Center Brush Kit (Set of 2)
20 GW9015 Reducer Cone
21 GW9019 Unidapt Handle
22 GW9530 Vac Port Fitting



Kreepy Krauly Great White GW9500 Pool Cleaner Accessories/Parts

Bumper strap kit for GW7700 Pool Shark cleaner - GW7511
1 meter (3.2 ft.). extension hose for GW7700 cleaner - 41201-0252
4.0 ft. Extension hose for GW9500 pool cleaner - GW9519
8.0 ft. Extension hose for GW9500 pool cleaner - GW9511
20 ft. One-piece replacement hose for GW9500 cleaner - GW9521
Add the Zodiac Leaf Catcher to your pool cleaner for added level of controlling clogging and protecting your pump


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