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Hayward Automatic Pool Cleaners AquaBug Navigator PoolVac Ultra Phantom and Viper

Hayward Pool Cleaners   Pool cleaner type
Suction side pool cleaners:   Navigator Pro, Pool Vac XL, Pool Vac Classic,
Robotic pool cleaners:   TigerShark, TigerShark QC, TigerShark Plus, SharkVac XL, SharkVac
Aboveground pool cleaners:   AquaBug, Diver Dave
Commercial pool cleaner:   TigerShark 2, KingShark 2, Mako Shark 2
Zodiac/Baracuda Polaris Pool Cleaners  
Polaris pressure side pool cleaners   Polaris 3900 Sport, Polaris 380, Polaris 280, Polaris360,
Polaris robotic pool cleaners   Polaris 9100 Sport, Polaris 9300 Sport, Polaris 9300 Xi, Polaris 9400
Baracuda pool claner   MX 8, T5 Duo, Baracuda G3, Baracuda G2, Ranger
Pentair Pool Cleaners  
Pentair Kreepy Krauly pool cleaners   Classic, Great White GW9500, Sand Shark GW7900, Lil Shark
Pentair Kreepy Krauly Legend cleaners   Kreepy Krauly Legend, Kreepy Krauly Legend II
Kreepy Krauly Legend Platinum   Platinum Grey, Platinum Grey/White
Pentair aboveground pool cleaners   Kreepy Kruiser, EZ Vac



Get $50 VISA prepaid rebate

when you buy Navigator Pro and Pool Vac XL and pool cleaners and get a REE Leaf Canister worth $60
Hayward Rebate Information

Navigator Pro
Pool Vac XL
Pool Vac® Classic
after $50 rebate
after $50 rebate
after $30 rebate
TigerShark $949
TigerShark QC $1049
For aboveground pools
TigerShark Plus $1399



Hayward Automatic Pool Cleaners


Hayward TigerShark Robotic Pool Cleaner with 3 hours rim-to-rim cleaning powerful self-contained robotic pool cleaner for inground pools.
Hayward TigerShark


Hayward TigerShark with caddy

Buy automatic pool Cleaner


TigerShark QC

Hayward TigerShark QC, featuring patented Quick Clean technology can clean standard residential pool in 60 minutes. Choose between more efficient Quick Clean cycle or standard full clean cycles.

TigerShark QC

Hayward TigerShark® Plus, Engineered with all the advanced features of the TigerShark, TigerShark Plus offers a preset seven-hour cleaning cycle and optional hand-held wireless remote control. It will maneuver around the pool with ease or spot clean when a full cleaning cycle is not required. cycles.
TigerShark® Plus

Hayward Navigator 925C pool cleaner for concrete pools

925C Navigator Pro 925ADC Gunite/Concrete pool cleaner - New design and advancements, sets the standard in high performance cleaning of Inground pools of all types and sizes. More durable components, 40% larger intake faster cleaning.

Navigator Pro 925ADC

Reg. 399
After $50 mail-in rebate

Buy automatic pool Cleaner

Hayward Pool cleaner
925V Navigator Pro 925ADV Navigator 925ADV Vinyl/Fiberglass pool cleaner, features new product enhancements such as wider, longer wearing wings, 40% larger debris intake plus 2 year limited warranty.
Navigator Pro 925ADV

Reg. 399
After $50 mail-in rebate

Buy automatic pool Cleaner

Hayward Pool Vac Ultra pool cleaner
2025C PoolVac XL Gunite/Concrete, 40" hose Navigator 925V Vinyl/Fiberglass cleaner, features new product enhancements such as wider, longer wearing wings, 40% larger debris intake.
Hayward PoolVac XL 2025ADC

Reg. 399
After $50 mail-in rebate

Hayward pool vac ultra pool cleaner for vinyl fiberglass pool cleaner
2025V PoolVac XL Vinyl/Fiberglass pool cleaner - New design and advancements, sets the standard in high performance cleaning of Inground pools of all types and sizes. More durable components, 40% larger intake faster cleaning.
Hayward PoolVac XL 2025ADV

Reg. 399
After $50 mail-in rebate

Buy automatic pool Cleaner

Designed to clean the bottom of all sizes and shapes of aboveground and on-ground pools. Cost-effective pool cleaner ready to run out of the box.
DV5000 Inground pool cleaner
* Powered by your existing filtration equipment
* Cleans your pool’s floor and walls – automatically
* One moving part ensures years of dependable service
* No tools necessary and installs in less than 10 minutes
* Pulls in dirt from 3 intake ports
* Swivel foot pad for easy navigation out of tight corners
* Energy efficient. No additional electricity or pumps needed
* Includes 40 feet of hose to cover pools up to 16’ x 32’


Hayward Pool Vac® Classic Pool cleaner
* Pre-programmed steering pattern assures thorough, efficient pool coverage
* Superior Turbine Technology means it operates silently with no pulsating hoses or noisy parts
* Easy to use – Connects in less than 10 minutes to skimmer or suction port
* Removes small to medium-sized debris
* For concrete in-ground pools



After mail-in. $30 Rebate
TigerShark pool cleaner with caddy TigerShark Pool cleaner with quick clean technology

Looking For Hayward Pool Cleaner Parts? Click the links below

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Hayward® Navigator Pro™ Pool Cleaner Parts


Cone Gear
Inter Gear
Gear Shaft
Gear Screw AXV068
Upper Mid. Body
Medium turbine drive gear
Med. turbine part
Navigator Hose 4 ft.

Kreepy Krauly Inground Pool Cleaner

The most reliable and hard-working pool cleaner

Now on sale at a lowest price ever! $279.00 + Free Shipping

Kreepy Krauly inground pool cleaner has been redesigned to make it the most reliable and easy to use automatic cleaner for inground pools.

Redesigned for greater cleaning coverage from water line to pool bottom
Powerful suction makes removal of both large and small debris a cinch
No wheels, gears, or diaphragms to continuously replace or repair.
Regulator valve automatically adjusts water flow to set the ideal speed for maximum cleaning performance.
No expensive, energy draining booster pump to buy, saving you significantly on your utility bills.
Installs in minutes, with no tools required.

Click here for product documentation & manuals

Purchase a Kreepy Krauly® Kruiser™, SandShark™, Great White®, Legend®, or Platinum™ automatic pool cleaner and get a $50 rebate card.




Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaners

Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaners

Baracuda® MX 8 pool cleaner


Baracuda® MX 8™ Suction Robotic Pool Cleaner
Zodiac® Baracuda™ MX 8™ Pool Cleaner

Combat debris with the Baracuda® MX8™, the high-performance suction pool cleaning robot that cleans faster and more aggressively than any cleaner in its class. It utilizes Cyclonic Suction technology to capture maximum debris while maintaining cleaning power. The Baracuda MX 8 features X-Drive navigation intelligence for X-treme floor and wall cleaning. No more time wasted battling a filthy pool. Eliminate your call of duty and claim victory over debris.


Free Shipping

Maximum Cleaning. Minimum Effort.

The Baracuda G2 delivers maximum cleaning capability with low speed pumps. Proven Zodiac® Advanced Hydrodynamic Design - Relax and enjoy the results of unmatched expertise in state of the art hydrodynamics.

Optimized Cleaning Performance - the Zodiac® G2 Quickly inhales small and large debris while thoroughly cleaning the bottom, walls and steps of your pool.


The Zodiac T5 Duo is a disc-style suction-side pool cleaner that features Zodiac's one moving part technology and patented Dura-Life™ Diaphragm for maximum durability and quiet operation. The cleaner delivers maximum cleaning coverage with two independent discs for greater pool adhesion and flexibility, while the adjustable wheel deflector enables fluid navigation around corners, steps and ladders. It is engineered to allow unimpaired cleaning over lights, main drains and wall fittings that may hang up other cleaners.
Zodiac T5 Duo

Polaris 3900 Sport Pool Cleaner

The most technologically advanced pressure-side pool cleaner with new completely redesigned body, a PosiDrive system for more torque, and even more vacuum power. The Polaris 3900 Sport is a booster pump driven pressure pool cleaner for inground pools of all types and shapes.

Polaris 65 Pool Cleaner
Aboveground pool cleaner

Polaris 65automatic pool cleaners is powered by the pressure of clean water returning to your pool. It's unique, mesh filter bag removes any debris before it reaches your pump basket or filter. This alone can reduce filter cleaning by up to 80% a year, thus prolonging the life of your filtration system. The Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 is designed for all Aboveground pools, even those with uneven bottom up to five feet deep.


Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Inground pool cleaner

Polaris 280pool cleaner powerfull pressure-side pool cleaner that easily connects to a dedicated pressure line and works on all types of inground pools. Powered by a seperate booster pump, the Polaris 280 sweeps, scrubs and vaccums the bottom, wall and steps of inground pools. It also traps large debris like pebbles and leaves in to it's own debris bag.

Polaris 280


Polaris 280 with booster pump

Polaris 280 Black

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 discharge connect pool cleaner

Complete with: All purpose bag, Feed hose, sweep hose, in-line back-up valve - No Booster pump required!


Polaris 360 discharge connect pool cleaner Black for all Inground pools works WITHOUT a booster pump

Same as Polaris 360 pool cleaner but in black color to blend-in with dark bottom pools.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 pool cleaner for all Inground pools requires a booster pump with: All Purpose Bag, Feed Hose, Sweep Hose, In-line Back-up valve.


Polaris 380 pressure-side pool cleaner & Booster Pump

Complete with: Polaris 3/4 HP Booster Pump, Debris bag, Feed Hose, Sweep hose, In-line back-up valve.

Polaris 380

Polaris 380with Booster Pump

Polaris 380 pressure-side cleaner Black

Same as the Polaris 380 pool cleaner but in black color to blend-in with dark bottom pools.

Polaris 9300 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

The 9300 Sport's innovative aquadynamic design seamlessly integrates bold styling, advanced engineering and unmatched intelligence, making it a smarter, faster way to clean your pool than ever dreamed possible.

The Polaris 9300 Sport comes equipped with a premium quality transport/storage caddy constructed of heavy gauge powder coated alloy. Learn more at

Free Shipping

Polaris 9400 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

The 4-Wheel Drive Polaris 9400 Sport takes Polaris robotic cleaners to the next level.

The new Polaris® 9400 Sport premium robotic pool cleaner combines 4-Wheel Drive and our ActivMotion Sensor™ to deliver a perfectly clean pool in as little as 1.5 hours.

Polaris 9300xi Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

Developed from Polaris’ nearly 40 years of experience as an industry leader in automatic pool cleaner design, the new Polaris® 9300xi Sport premium robotic pool cleaner combines innovative performance, unprecedented functionality and inspired design that make it a Polaris.

Choose from pre-programmed automated cleaning mode, or take control with the easy to use remote Control. You control when and where the cleaner goes for a perfectly clean pool.

The Polaris® 9100 Sport Robotic delivers a crystal-clean pool with the push of a button.

It features a compact lightweight design that enables easy transport and removal of the cleaner, and its simple plug and play operation makes it ideal for busy pool owners. By focusing on the pool floor the 9100 Robotic works quickly and efficiently, delivering a perfectly clean pool in just two hours, and costs just pennies per day to operate.

Polaris booster pump

Polaris booster pump halcyon


Zodiac Leaf Catcher in-line leaf trap for automatic pool claners

Zodiac Leaf Catcher collects debris before it reaches your pump basket to prevent clogging Easy to clean because only the canister and basket needs to be handled.
Add the Zodiac Leaf Catcher to your pool cleaner for added level of controlling clogging and protecting your pump






Find a Polaris Authorized Dealer in your area


Pentair Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaners


Get $50 Mail-in Rebate

When you purchase select Kreepy Krauly Automatic Pool Claeners
Platinum - $50 SandShark - $50
Legend II - $50 Prowler 820 - $50 Kruiser - $50
Legend - $50 Prowler - $50 Great White - $50


Kreepy Krauly® GW9500

Kreepy Krauly Great White - GW9500 in-ground pool cleaner - Unique bristle drive and oscillating vortex design effectively scrubs and vaccums away large and small debris. Well-suited for flat-, dish- incline-, and hopper-bottom pools. Clears a 15" path and powerfully surfaces. Unique turning mechanism allows escape from difficult areas.
Pool Chemicals from Natural Chemistry algaecide clarifier from seaKlear REPLACEMENT PARTS

Rebate -$100
Price after rebate $249

Kreepy Krauly® Sand Shark

Kreepy Krauly SandShark with 2-Way Cleaning

Patented bottom platform features multiple rows of squeegee-like fins which easily dislodge stubborn dirt and debris. Cuts a 12" wide cleaning path and easily cleans gunite, fiberglass and vinyl surfaces in all types of inground pools.

Rebate -$100
Free Shipping
Price after rebate $299

Kreepy Krauly® Legend Pool Cleaner

Pressure-side Inground Pool Cleaner,
Better tracking for faster, more reliable cleaning

The Kreepy Krauly® Legend® pressure-side cleaner features a highly efficient booster pump (sold separately for optimum power and unimpeded surface skimming, plus a large intake throat to handle large and small debris.


Rebate -$100
TigerShark pool Cleaner


Kreepy Krauly® Legend II Pool Cleaner

Legendary Cleaning Performance For fast, thorough pool cleaning the energy-efficient way, count on the powerful Kreepy Krauly Legend II cleaner. This cleaner includes a host of design features that deliver powerful vacuuming performance and long service life without consuming any extra energy. It attaches to your return line and operates during your normal filtration cycle.


Rebate -$100
TigerShark pool Cleaner


Pentair Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic Pool cleaner Parts

Kreepy Krauly Automatic Pool Cleaner Parts


Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner Replacement Parts

Kreepy Krauly automatic regulator valve
Kreepy Krauly  extension hose
Kreepy Krauly  starfish seal
Kreepy Krauly pleated seal


Kreepy Krauly Automatic Regulator Valve for pre 2000 models


Kreepy Krauly Automatic Regulator Valve for 2000 and later models


Kreepy Krauly Extension Hose 40"

Kreepy Krauly hose connector 3" Female/Female section


Kreepy Krauly Starfish Seal Concrete for 2000 and later models


Kreepy Krauly Pleated Seal Universal for 2000 and later models


Kreepy Krauly Vac Plus Plate and Ext.


Kreepy Krauly Vac Plus II Locking Bar


Kreepy Krauly wall climb Adjuster Kit


Kreepy Krauly Hose Float Kit


Kreepy Krauly swivel cone & bearing kit


Kreepy Krauly Pleated seal for pre 2000 models


Kreepy Krauly Wing Set (Blue)


Kreepy Krauly Top Swivel Hose Head Assembly Kit (1999 and later models)

Bumper strap kit for GW7700 Pool Shark cleaner -


Kreepy Krauly wing set (CLIP ON)


Kreepy Krauly foot pad kit


Kreepy Krauly bumper strap kit with end clip

20 ft. One-piece replacement hose for GW9500 cleaner - GW9521

Zodiac Leaf Catcher for added level of controlling clogging and protecting your pump
8.0 ft. Extension hose for GW9500 pool cleaner - GW9511
4.0 ft. Extension hose for GW9500 pool cleaner - GW9519
1 meter (3.2 ft.). extension hose for GW7700 cleaner - 41201-0252


GW9500 Pool Cleaner Parts

GW9500 Pool Cleaner Parts

GW9012 Swivel Assembly
GW9502 Bumper
GW9504 Screw Kit (4 short, 2 long)
GW9501 Shroud
GW9S0S Brush Ring Kit [Indudes Vacuum Skirt) N/A
GW9506 Oscilator Chamber Cap
GW9507 Cam Kit (2 & 3 Leg Cams)
GW9509 Idler Gear Kit (Includes 3 Gears)
GW9512 Block Kit (Includes 2 Blocks)
GW9513 Long Gear Shaft (Stainless Steel)
GW9536 Shaft Kit (Stainless Steel) I
GW9535 Lower Body
GW9517 Uft Brush
GW9508 Vacuum Skirt
GW9522 Uft Brush Spring
GW9523 Ratchet Tab (Stainless Steel)
GW9004 Oscillator Assembly Kit (Includes 2 Seals)
GW9503 Oscillator Assembly Kit (Includes Key #17, Ratchet Ass'y not sold separately
GW9013 Center Brush Kit (Set of 2)
GW9015 Reducer Cone
GW9019 Unidapt Handle
GW9530 Vac Port Fitting

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