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Polaris 380 Pool Cleaner
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Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 Pool Cleaner


Pressure-side Automatic Pool Cleaner for inground pools

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 pool cleaner, is the most powerful and durable pool cleaning system there is. With the Polaris 380 pool cleaner in your pool, you'll enjoy complete care and cleaning of your pool in three hours or less, giving you plenty of time to enjoy it.



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Polaris 380 pool cleaner
Polaris 380


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Polaris 380with Booster Pump


Polaris 380 pool cleaner - Black

The Polaris 380 Vac Sweep pool cleaner runs off a separate 3/4 HP booster pump working independently from the rest of your pool system. This enables the Polaris 380's three jets to provide greater vacuum power and faster cleaning. The Polaris 380 vacuums, sweeps and scrubs the bottom and walls of any size or shape pool, be it gunite (concrete), fiberglass or vinyl-lined. The large bottom opening picks up debris like leaves, acorns and pebbles.

The Polaris 380 pool cleaner is one of the cleaners powered by the pressure of clean water returning to your pool via a dedicated return line built to your pool. It's unique filter bag removes any debris before it reaches your pump basket or filter. This alone can reduce filter cleaning by up to 80% a year, thus prolonging the life of your filtration system. With the Polaris 380, your filter is free to cleanse the water and your skimmer is ready to clean the top six inches of your pool, where 75% of the bacteriological contaminants live.

The Polaris 380 pool cleaner is also available in Black Max to compliment dark bottom pools. Like all of Polaris products, the 360 comes with the legendary Polaris reputation for superior engineering, quality and support.


Polaris pool cleaner parts

Polaris Pool Cleaner Parts
Polaris Part Description
1 9-100-1014 Polaris All Purpose Bag for Polaris 380/360
  9-100-1015 Polaris 380/360 Fine Mesh Debris Bag for Sand and Silt
  9-100-1021 Polaris 360/380 debris bag w/ Zipper
  K-13 Polaris 280 all purpose bag w/ zipper
2 9-100-1152 Polaris 380 Housing, Turbine Upper
3 9-100-1114 Polaris 380/360/340 Hub Cap
4 9-100-5107 Polaris 380/360/340 E-clip, stainless steel wheel
5 9-100-1108 Polaris 380/360/340 BEARING WHEEL
6 C10 Polaris 380/280/180/360 Tire - White
7 9-100-1008 Polaris 380/360 Wheel Double Side
8 9-100-1017 Polaris 380/360 Belt Kit
9 9-100-7011 Polaris 380/360/340 Shield Bearing
10 9-10-1005 Polaris 360 Frame Assembly ”EXCHANGE ONLY”
11 9-100-5125 Polaris 380 Screw 8-32x1/2” stainless Steel Pan Head
12 9-100-1139 Polaris 380/360 Axile Block Kit (front and rear)
13 9-100-1010 Polaris 380 BELT DIVIDER TRANSFER PULLEY
14 B-25 Polaris 180/280/380 ORIFICE TIP W/ TIP GUARD
15 9-100-1007 Polaris 380/360 TRANSFER PULLEY DRIVE SHAFT
16 9-100-5115 Polaris 380/360/340 SCREW COVER PAN Head stainless steel
17 9-100-5130 Polaris 380/360 Lock Washer Axle Block
18 9-100-1132 Polaris 380/360 DRIVE TRAIN GEAR KIT
19 9-100-1103 Polaris 380/360 TURBINE WHEEL W/BEARING
20 9-100-1116 Polaris 380/360 WHEEL SINGLE SIDE
21 C-131 Polaris 380 THRUST JET REPAIR KIT
22 9-100-7008 Polaris 380/360 SWEEP HOSE BARB COMPLETE
23 B-20 Polaris 180/280/380/360 ADJUSTMENT SCREW SWEEP HOSE
24 B-15 Polaris 180/280/380/360 Sweep Hose Attachement Clamp
25 9-100-9004 Polaris 380 BASE WEIGHT
26 9-100-7170 Polaris 180/280/380/360 HOSE CLAMP WATER MGMT
27 9-100-7009 Polaris 380/360 Jet Retainer Kit 2 pk.
28 9-100-7010 Polaris 380 WATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
29 9-100-1155 Polaris 380/360 TURBINE HOUSING LOWER
30 9-100-3105 Polaris 380/280/180/360 SWEEP TAIL SCRUBBER
31 9-100-5132 Polaris 380/360 O´RING TIMER
32 9-100-7030 Polaris 380/360 TOP & BASE ASSY F/360/380 (1)
33 9-100-7003 Polaris 380 FEED PIPE TIMER BLANK ASSY WHT
34 A-20 Polaris 380/280/180/360 FLOAT HEAD WHT
35 B-5 Polaris 380/280/180 SWEEP HOSE COMPLETE
36 G-52 Polaris 380/280/180 in-line back-up valve
37 9-100-1018 Polaris Bag Collar for 360/380/280/180
38 9-100-1240 Polaris 380/360 top assembly part # 9-100-1240
39 9-100-7026 Polaris 380/360 Base Assembly part # 9-100-7026
41 6-500-00 Polaris pressure-side cleaners Universal Wall Fitting # 6-500-00
42 9-100-9001 Polaris 380/280 UWF connector assembley
44 6-504-00 Polaris Pressure-side Cleaners Filter Screen, UWF/QD # 6-504-00
45 6-505-00 Polaris pressure-side cleaners O-ring, UWF/QD # 6-505-00
46 9-100-9002 Pressure relief valve back
47 D29 Quick disconnect UWF
48 D15 Nut feed hose
50 D20 Swivel ball bearing
51 D10 float for feed hose
52 D45 Feed hose 10 ft.
53 D50 Feed hose Leader 10 ft.
54 G-52 Polaris 380/280/180 in-line back-up valve
55 G-54 CAse for G52
56 G-57 Bakup valve collar
57 G-53 Replacement Mechanism for G52

Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaner Parts


Polaris pool cleaner parts



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