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Aqua Pod Wireless Handheld Remote

Aqua Pod Aqua Pod can be used indoors, outdoors – right into the pool! When teamed with Aqua Logic® pool and spa automation controls, it offers unique control over everything from custom lightshows to all pool and spa functions. The large back-lit LCD display offers easy viewing of pool and spa status as well as settings and temperatures.

AQL2-POD Remote
Wired Remote
Wired Remote
Wireless Wall Mount
Wireless Spa Side
Wireless Table Top
For P-4, PS-4/8/16
For P-4
For PS-4/8/16
For PS-4/8/16
For P-4, PS-4/8/16
For PS-4/8/16


Totally programmable and fully rechargeable, Aqua Pod isn't just water resistant, it's completely waterproof. Aqua Pod can be used indoors, outdoors – right into the pool! When teamed with Aqua Logic® pool and spa automation controls, it offers unique control over everything from custom lightshows to all pool and spa functions. The large back-lit LCD display offers easy viewing of pool and spa status as well as settings and temperatures.


- Aqua Logic controls: P-4, PS-4, PS-8, PS-16 ( Version 2.6 or higher software required)

- RF Base station AQL2-BASE-RF required


- 100% Waterproof
- Built in Rechargeable Batteries, Charging Station Included
- Floats Horizontally
- Back-lit Display for Convenient Night-time Viewing
- Full Functional Control of Pool, Spa and Other Outdoor Features
- 3 Programmable Soft Keys
- Multiple Heater and Chlorination Controls
- Program Macro/Group Functions
- System Off Button
- Light Dimming Control
- Upgradeable Software
- Dual Equipment Capable
- Similar User Interface to Current Aqua Logic Controls (no learning of new interface)

Aqua Pod’s unique design ensures the unit is completely waterproof and floats horizontally in pools and spas. The backlit LCD display provides easy on-screen viewing of settings and current conditions, even at night. Other features include programmable group functions, a built-in rechargeable battery, multiple heater and chlorination controls and complete control of ColorLogic™ light shows.

Step 1: Choose the base model

AQL-P-4 AquaLogic P4: Entry level model system that can be used on a pool only system or on a pool/spa combination that share a single filter pump and filter. Wired in-house remotes and a wireless spa side remote can be used with this system.




AquaLogic PS4, AquaLogic PS8, and AquaLogic PS16:These models are used on pool/spa combination to operate systems that share a single pump and filter or they can operate dual set of equipment. Can control up to 2 conventional heaters (gas or heat pump) plus solar. All wired and wireless remote display/keypads can be used with these system.



Aqua Rite Chlorinator Option

All Aqua Logic systems have electronic (salt water chlorine generation) capability built into the main control unit. Simply install the Chlorinator option kit consisting of a Cell unit, Flow Switch and Unions. Next enable the Chlorinator function in the "Configuration Menu" and set the desired chlorine output level in the Settings Menu" and the Aqua Logic system will generate 100% of the required chlorine for pools up to 40,000 gallons.

Aqua Rite Chlorine generator cell for pools upto 40,000 gallons


- Microprocessor Based Control System for Pool / Spa Automation
- Timed Control of Filtering, Heat, Lights and Water Features
- Single Unit for 120 VAC / 240 VAC with subpanel circuit breaker
- Optional Full Function Remotes - Unique 5-year Limited Warranty
- Wired remote controls that operate pool/spa from 500 ft. away
- Wireless remote control reliable "anywhere" operation in-home, spa-side, table-side

The Aqua Logic makes owning a pool or spa fun, easy and healthy - with convenient automation. The pool's filtration is programmed to work everyday at your desired levels, longer hours on weekends, shorter on weekdays, the choice s yours. Program the pool heater, gas or electric, and solar if needed, to get the temperature you want, when you want! Spa jets on, spa jets off, pool lights on or off, you're in control the smart way with Aqua Logic. At the touch of a button or the ease of a predetermined programed program the choice is yours, the choice is Aqua Logic Control.

Every Aqua Logic system includes a main control unit with a 100 amps subpanel and built-in display/keypad for programming directly from the equipment pad. Pool service personnel do not need access to the keypad located inside the house. Refer to the Aqua Logic Features table below to determine which unit has the right combination of high voltage auxiliary relays, heater controls, and valve controls for your pool design.

Once you set the Aqua Logic, all your pool/spa functions and features will operate automatically. Imagine enjoying years of swimming pleasure with everything operating at the touch of a button. Just set suit your preferences and you get just the right environment you want-Logically.


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