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Jandy AquaLink PDA (Pool Digital Assistant)



Jandy's Next Generation, wireless pool and spa controller is here

— 900 MHz Wireless Technology

— Control of Filter Pump, Heater, and up to 7 Auxiliaries

— 3 Pool and Spa Combination Models (PS4, PS6 & PS8)

— 2 Pool or SPa Only Models (P4 and P8)

— Display of air and water temperature

Water Resistant, Floating Hand-held

  Pool Digital Assitant (PDA) System Sub-Assembly
PDA Handheld Remote
Outdoor Transceiver J-box
Power Center PCB
JVA Valve actuators (with Pool/Spa Combination Only)
Temperature Sensors (additional relays Model dependent)
Standard Power Center - Sub Panel Power Center (sold separately)


Pool Only
Pool & Spa
Filter & Pump


The Jandy Pool Digital Assistant (PDA) brings the power and flexibility of a wireless control system to the palm of your hand. Designed for wireless use in a backyard environment, the AquaLink PDA packs a powerful pool and spa control system into an attractive and easy to use wireless digital assistant.

Imagine having the convenience of total control of not just your typical pool and spa operation, but complete backyard control of lighting, water features, cleaning and sanitizing, even programming of heating times and temperatures.

The Jandy Pool Digital Assistant is a "Stand alone" control system with some of the most popular features of AquaLink Rs OneTouch and AquaLink RS Wireless systems built-in. Complete with self diagnostics and automatic equipment safety circuitry to protect your equipment. No need to get out of the water until you are ready.


Jandy Pool Digital Assistant PDA control system offers the power of a wireless pool and spa control system in a handheld remote with most popular features


- Pool to spa switching   - Pool and spa sanitation levels
- Filter pump cycles   - Pool and spa colored lights
- Heater control and temperature settings   - Yard lights
- Program on and off times   -Water features

The Ultimate Convenience: Enjoy wireless command of your backyard paradise at your fingertips. Sitting pool side, relaxing in the spa or lounging in a hammock - control is never far away.
Jandy AquaLink® Pool Digital Assistant convenience

The Ultimate in Control: The AquaLink RS is considered the standard in pool and spa control, and with the AquaLink PDA you have the key capabilities of a wired system in a palm of your hand.
Jandy AquaLink® Pool Digital Assistant control

The Ultimate in Features: Turn on lights, activate your chlorine generator, change the temperature, set your water feature in motion, even program your settings without ever getting out of the water or your hammock.
Jandy AquaLink® Pool Digital Assistant features

The Ultimate in Style: Ergonomic design is easy to use as well as attractive. The AquaLink PDA has many user friendly features like backlit buttons and screen for late night trips to the spa and a slip resistance finish with thumb grips for use when wet.
Jandy AquaLink® Pool Digital Assistant style


Jandy AquaLink Accessories

- 4278
Communication Link
Four conductor cable (22 gauge) purchase length required to run between Power Center and Indoor Controller
Jandy AquaLink® Pool Digital Assistant style

Replacement Jandy PDA remote with batteries

Part # R0441800


Jandy iAquaLink™ Pool Control

Control your Pool/spa using a smart phone, tablet or web-enabled device

iAquaLink™ allows you to control your pool anytime, anywhere. Using our free app for your smart phone or web-connected device, you can control all the elements of your pool or pool/spa system, even when you’re on the go.



IQ900 - iAquaLink Device for AquaLink RS systems Rev. R fw

IQ904-PS - Bundle pack POOL and SPA with power center

IQ904-P - Bundle pack POOL only with power center

IQ900-RS - AquaLink RS Upgrade kit to iAquaLink™

IQ900-PDA - AquaLink PDA Upgrade kit to iAquaLink™


- iAquaLink™ can be used on more mobile device platforms than any other pool control system.

Free apps available for Apple® and Android® smartphones and tablets
Mobile web-app* also available for most other smart phones, tablets and eReaders

iAquaLlnk™ apps are available for Applel® and Androld® smartpones and tablets, and can be downloaded from the Apple® Apps store or from Android Market®. A mobile web-app is also available for other smartphones, tablets and eReaders. The apps feature simple and Intuitive graphical user Interfaces, making them easy to learn and use. Free App, Free Service!
Zodiac® Provides the iAquaLink™ apps and ongoing. cloud-based service for free. only trequiring a hardware purchase. makinging it an attractive option for consumers seeking mobile control for their pool or pool and spa combo. Attractively priced upgrade kits are available to support every Jandy or Zodiac® Aqualink™ controls made. The iAquaLink™ service is quick and easy to set up and one of the least expensive web-enabled solutions on the market. For pool owners who don't yet have an automated control system, Zodiac® is offering two bundled kits, which include a complete AquaLink RS™ system along with the iAquaLink™ Web Connect Device.

Complete Control - Monitor and adjust all equipment controlled by the AquaLink® system

Pool Temperature Color & White Lights
Spa Temperature Landscape Lights
Water Falls Filter Pump
Spillovers Booster Pump
Laminar Jets Pool Cleaner
Light Dimmers And much more


Powerful & Versatile

iAquaLink™ is a robust four piecesystem consisting of:
User Interface – Your smart phone, tablet, or web-connected device
iAquaLink™ Service – User account provides security, customization and multi-pool control
Web Connect Device – attaches to your pool’s automation system**
AquaLink® Automation System – Control panel that connects to your pool equipment
Upgrades available for virtually any AquaLink®, Jandy® or Zodiac® controller ever made
No unsightly wires, wall panels, or charging bases required
Compatible with virtually all residential WiFi and Ethernet networks
Easy, hassle-free online registration

Technical Details

Requires an iAquaLink™ device, and an AquaLink RS or AquaLink PDA Pool/Spa control system. Requires a quality Wi-Fi signal or Ethernet connection at the iAquaLink™ device.
Requires a free iAquaLink account. Multi-language support.
Smartphones and/or tablets not included with the purchase of iAquaLink™.
To activate the iAquaLink™ system, you will need:
Access to home’s internet service and computer.
Wi-Fi network SSID and key (for Wi-Fi connection) or Ethernet network cable (for hard-wired connection)

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