Hayward CSPAXI series Electric spa heater 5.5 KW 240 volt

Hayward electric spa heaters CSPAXI series heaters
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Price: $449.00
Product ID : CSPAXI55



Description Hayward electric spa heaters contain all of the sophisticated features and capabilities of heaters twice their size. The electric heaters fit into compact spaces - even under spa skirts or steps. Like all Hayward heaters, they are easy to install and service. SPA SIZING ----------- Determine your spa capacity in gallons (surface area x average depth x 7 ½) The reference table lists the time required in minutes to raise the temperature of the spa/hot tub by 30ºF This guide can be adjusted for other temperature rises. For example, if you desire a 15ºF increase in temperature, simply divide the time for 30ºF rise by the ratio of 30 /15 = 2. Spa sizing is based on an insulated and covered spa. Always cover your spa or hot tub when not in use to minimize the heat loss and evaporation. Spa Sizing Increase the temperature of a 300 gallon spa to go from 70ºF to 100ºF in 120 minutes. 100ºF - 70ºF = 30ºF Requested Temperature Rise Recommended CSPA Model Heater – CSPAXI11

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