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Hayward Pool/Spa Heater

Hayward Universal H-Series pool and spa heater clean burning Low NOx and comes with Cupro Nickel heat exchanger

Built for high efficiency heating with clean burning Low NOx (Low emission) burners and Cupro-Nickel heat exchanger for long lasting corrosion/salt resistant operation.


The Hayward Universal H-series Low NOx pool/spa heater combines industry-leading hydraulics performance; environmentally responsible low NOx emission and a standard cupro nickel heat exchanger with low profile appearance, lighter weight design. Water, Electric and gas connections can be reversed to either right or left side of the heater provide ultimate installation flexibility. Included 2" CPVC union connections for easy plumbing connection. The Hayward H-series Universal heater includes a forced draft system that constantly moves air through the combustion chamber at precise flow rate. As a result, all outside weather variables that can affect the heating performance, such as wind condition, are eliminated - without having to install a high-wind stack. Hayward H-series Universal heaters meet the NOx Emission standards set by California South Coast Quality Air Management Commission for 2001 and Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission Code.

Features and Benefits of the Hayward Universal H-Series Heater include:

Style with Performance and Technology
- Great Low Profile Appearance
- Environmentally Responsible Low NOx Emissions
- Patent Pending Polymer Header Design for Industry Leading Hydraulic Performance
- Totally Managed Cupro Nickel Heat Exchanger Flow for Superior Reliability
- 2" x 2 " CPVC Union Plumbing Fittings

All the Right Connections for Easy Installation, Service and Use
- Ultimate Installation Flexibility for New or Existing Equipment Pads
- Independent Left or Right Side Electric, Water and Gas Connections
- 25% Lighter Weight Means Less Physical Effort to Install
- ONLY Front Panel Access Required for Installation and Service
- Easy Gas Valve Adjustment
- Easy Dual Voltage Conversion with Fuse Protected Circuit Boards

Model Pool Heater Description Gas Type FREE SHIPPING
H150FDN Hayward Universal 150,000 BTU pool heater Natural Gas $1349
H150FDP Hayward Universal 150,000 BTU pool heater Propane $1349
H200FDN Hayward Universal 200,000 BTU pool heater Natural Gas $1529
H200FDP Hayward Universal 200,000 BTU pool heater Propane $1529
H250FDN Hayward Universal 250,000 BTU pool heater Natural Gas $1599
H250FDP Hayward Universal 250,000 BTU pool heater Propane $1599
H300FDN Hayward Universal 300,000 BTU pool heater Natural Gas $1825
H300FDP Hayward Universal 300,000 BTU pool heater Propane $1825
H350FDN Hayward Universal 350,000 BTU pool heater Natural Gas $1895
H350FDP Hayward Universal 350,000 BTU pool heater Propane $1895
H400FDN Hayward Universal 400,000 BTU pool heater Natural Gas $1995
H400FDP Hayward Universal 400,000 BTU pool heater Propane $1995



Hayward H-Seriea ASME Commercial Heaters

Model Pool Heater Description Gas Type FREE SHIPPING
H250FDNASME Hayward H-Series ASME commercial heater 250,000 BTU Natural Gas $2049
H400FDNASME Hayward H-Series ASME commercial heater 400,000 BTU Natural Gas $2389
H500FDNASME Hayward H-Series ASME commercial heater 500,000 BTU Natural Gas $2995




Hayward H-series Universal Pool Heater Features

Superior Hydraulic Performance: Industry- leading hydraulic performance saves energy by reducing circulation pump run time.
Hot Surface Silicon Nitride Ignition System: Exclusive Silicon Nitride ignition system for dependable lighting and reliable operation.
Low NOx Emission: Environmentally responsible; complies with all current California and Texas air quality emission standards. Industry-leading 82% - 84% thermal efficiency.
Dual Voltage: Installation is simplified with voltage that adopt to either 110V or 220V.
Cupro-Nickel Heat Exchanger: With totally Managed Flow provides exceptional corrosion resistance and erosion protection. Ideal for today's salt based electronic chlorine generators.
State-of-the-art Finn Plate Heat Exchanger: State-of-the-industry Finn Plate heat exchanger with special V-groove design for faster heating and larger life.
Insulated Fire Tile Combustion Chamber: Unlike older forms of insulation, Fire Tile securely traps the heat, delivering the most performance from each BTU.
Digital LED Control Panel: Electronic control display maintains water temperature; monitors heater performance with self-diagnostic capability.
Patented Rust-Ressitant Water Path: An injection-molded polymer header provides extended life and simple installation.


Hayward HeatPro Heat Pump

Digital LED control panel and Titanium Heat echanger.
High performance evaporator coil and Union connections.
Quiet Technolgoy with profiled fan blade design and Acoustic compression cover.

Model #
Compressor Size


HEAT PRO heat pump HP20854T Ti
3 ton
31 1/4"


HEAT PRO heat pump HP20854T Ti
3 1/4ton
31 1/4"


HP21104T HEAT PRO Heat Pump 110K AHRI
5 ton
31 1/4"


6 ton
30 1/4 " x 34"


Hayward Electric Spa Heater

Hayward Spa Heater
Pipe Size
1 1/2"
1 1/2"



How to Size a Hayward Pool Heater

Installation and Operation Guide


Hayward Pool Heater Accessories

outdoor high wind stack for Hayward H-series pool heater
Indoor drafthood for Hayward H-series pool heater
High wind stack
Indoor drafthoods
HWS150 For 150,000 BTU heater
HWS200 For 200,000 BTU heater
HWS250 For 250,000 BTU heater
HWS300 For 300,000 BTU heater
HWS350 For 350,000 BTU heater
HWS400 For 400,000 BTU heater
DHI150 For 150,000 BTU heater
DHI200 For 200,000 BTU heater
DHI250 For 250,000 BTU heater
DHI300 For 300,000 BTU heater
DHI350 For 350,000 BTU heater
DHI400 For 400,000 BTU heater

Propane Gas Usage Information

Liquid propane is externally compact and portable, but must vaporize to be released as a gas that can be used to fuel your heater. An insufficient gas supply causes reduced efficiency and poor combustion, which leads to soothing.

As a rule of thumb, Propane tank size should be 100 gallons for every 100,00 btu of heater rating.

If you're buying a Propane gas heater, the following information will help you decide how big a propane tank to select.

The rate at which a liquid propane converts to vaporized Propane gas is determined by many factors including: Humidity, Ambient Temperature, Surface Area of the liquid in the Propane tank. The "Rule of Thumb" for factoring these variables is to assume that a heater's Propane tank should be refilled when 60% of it's full-tank capacity has been used.

Propane Tank Size
Usable Propane @ 20 o/F
Usable Propane @ 60 o/F

(BTU per hour - with 60 % Liquid in Tank)

Propane's ability to vaporize decreases with the temperature - particularly as the temperature dips below 60 o/F. On the other-hand, when the temperature outside is warm, say 85 o/F and the Propane tank has been 60% depleted, it will continue to provide sufficient gas flow for a while.

However, as the thermometer dips below 60 o/F, a Propane tank's ability to produce vaporized gas decreases sharply. In fact, as the chart above indicates, a Propane tank will yield barely HALF as much capacity at 20 o/F as it does at 60 o/F.

Also, keep in mind that cooler overnight temperatures can have lingering effect during the following day, causing the tank to not supply sufficient gas to the heater. "Low gas" conditions like these should be avoided, as they result in sporadic, inefficient operation.

Calculating a Propane heater's operating time

A single gallon of Propane will produce 91,000 British Thermal Unit (BTUs) in an hour. This fact coupled with the 60% usable rule of thumb allows anyone to determine how long a propane tank will supply enough gas to properly run a heater.

Calculating a Propane heater's operating time involves three-step formula illustrated below - though we should emphasize that these shortcut calculations are general in nature. The accompanying shortcut calculation are quite convenient, but are not foolproof method for estimating when a heater's Propane tank needs to be refilled. The safes method to use is the 60% rule of thumb.

AS propane tank is used or emptied, the tank contents steadily shift from liquid state to vaporized gas, reaching a point at which the remaining liquid propane no longer vaporizes enough to supply the proper amount of gas to the heater or appliance.

Calculating how long a full-tank of Propane will last

- Multiply the Propane tank's capacity by 0.6 (this is the "usable" Propane available with a full tank)

Step 1: Usable Propane = Propane tank capacity X 0.6

- Divide the heater's BTU rating by 91,000 (this is the gallons of Propane used in an hour)

Step 2: Propane Needed / Hour = BTU Rating / 91,000

- Divide "Usable Propane" (step 1) by heater's per hour gas demand (step 2)

Step 3: Hours of Operation = Usable Propane / Propane Needed per hour

The result estimates how many hours of operation can be expected for a specific BTU rating heater using a specific Propane tank size.


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