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RayPak® VERSA 055

Economy 55,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater

RayPak VErsa Model Versa Pool Heater Description BTU Gas Type Price
0 - 3000 ft. Altitude
Versa Natural Gas Models
Versa 55, Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Versa 55, Propane

The RayPak Versa Heater requires the Indoor or Outdoor stack top listed below. Please choose the appropriate stack top for your particular need.

  Versa Indoor Stack Tops
RayPak versa 55 heater indoor stack top for versa 55 and versa 105 pool/spa heaters Indoor Stack Top Part # 003722 for Versa 55
  Versa Outdoor Tops
  Outdoor Top Part # 003709 for Versa 55



Model # Elevation Gas Type
P-R130A-EN-C #51 0 - 3000 ft.
Natural Gas
P-R130A-EN-C #52
3000 - 7000 ft.
Natural Gas
P-R130A-EP-C #58 0 - 2000 ft. Propane
P-R130A-EP-C #59 2000 - 3000 ft. Propane
P-R130A-EP-C #60 3000 - 5000 ft. Propane
P-R130A-EP-C #61 5000 - 6000 ft. Propane
P-R130A-EP-C #62 6000 - 8000 ft. Propane
P-R130A-MN-C #51 0 - 3000 ft. Natural Gas
P-R130A-MN-C #52 3000 - 7000 ft. Natural Gas
P-R130A-MP-C #58 0 - 2000 ft. Propane
P-R130A-MP-C #59 2000 - 3000 ft. Propane
P-R130A-MP-C #60 3000 - 5000 ft. Propane
P-R130A-MP-C #61 5000 - 6000 ft. Propane
P-R130A-MP-C #62 6000 - 8000 ft. Propane
P-R130A-EP-X #58 0 - 2000 ft. Propane



Other RayPak Heaters

Versa 055 - Bronze headers with Millivolt pilot

The VERSA 055 pool and spa heater is equipped with a unique all copper fin tube heat exchanger, designed for efficient heat transfer and built to provide years of trouble-free performance. Both header castings are made of bronze for completely rust free operation.

Condensation-free operation is assured even with low temperature inlet water. Both water temperature and flow rate inside the heater are controlled to eliminate condensation, sooting and scale buildup that can shorten heater life. More hot water moves through faster, and more efficiently.

Raypak's unique cabinet design and superior venting system ensures uninterrupted performance regardless of wind and weather conditions. The VERSA 055 heater helps give you more pool or spa days and nights per year!

Versa 055 - Bronze headers with Millivolt pilot
  Natural Gas
B-055B-MN #52
0-3000 ft.
55 lbs.
B-055B-MN #53
3000-8000 ft.
55 lbs.
B-055B-MN #54
8000-10000 ft.
55 lbs.
Model #
BTU Input
Ship Weight
B-055B-MP #62
0-2000 ft.
55 lbs.
B-055B-MP #63
2000-4000 ft.
55 lbs.
B-055B-MP #64
4000-6000 ft.
55 lbs.
B-055B-MP #65
6000-8000 ft.
55 lbs.
50,000 BTU
Natural Gas or Propane and indoor and outdoor operation
Indoor or outdoor application
Electronic ignition or millivolt pilot
Copper Fin tube heat exchange design
Unitherm Governor eliminates condensation
Small footprint
Light-weight energy-efficient combustion chamber
Glass-lined cast iron casting­1 1/2” NPT water connections
High efficiency for economical operation

RayPak Spa Pak Electric Spa Heater

Model # Pool Heater Description K. Watts price
  Spa Pak Electric Heaters    
Spa Pak 552 5.5 $429
Spa Pak 1102 11.0 $479


RayPak Versa
Pool Heater

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