IntelliFloXF Var. Pump

IntelliFloXF Var. Pump

IntelliFloXF™ Variable Speed Pool Pump

The IntelliFloXF™ variable speed pump packs more money-saving innovations into a single pump than any other. Compared to traditional single-speed pumps, it can reduce your customers' annual utility bills by up to $1,600*. The difference is a breakthrough by Pentair; we pioneered XF pump hydraulics, optimizing interior passageways and impeller operation to decrease turbulent flow and increase energy efficiency. The IntelliFloXF pump comes packed with many more features to make it easier to use and last longer, including a super-quiet totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor, long-lasting EPDM seals, and our exclusive Cam and Ramp™ see-through lid that makes inspection and cleaning a breeze. It took computerized Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis to achieve it, and it gives you another great offering to attract customers who want the very best in energy-efficient technology.
These operating hydraulic improvements are paired with Pentair's IntelliFlo® variable speed technology, a proven design that has led the revolution in pool pump efficiency. Together, these innovations create the most advanced, smoothest-running, and most energy-efficient pump we've ever made. It's part of our Eco Select® line of products, one of our "greenest" and most efficient equipment choices.

Estimated cost savings of up to $1,600 each year* versus traditional pumps.
Even greater savings are achievable on larger pools—which are typically equipped with higher horsepower pumps.
Ultra-efficient permanent magnet motors, as used in advanced hybrid cars; achieves required flow rates with less effort than other pumps.
Precise matching of motor speed to your pool’s needs.
8 programmable speed settings and built-in timer assure optimum speed and run times, for maximum efficiency and savings.

Effortlessly powers large residential and feature-rich pools with waterfalls, slides, negative edges or other water features. Ideal for commercial pools, too.

The quietest pump on the planet—thanks to its permanent magnet motor, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) design and the fact that it can operate at lower speeds.

Field-proven reliability no other variable speed brand can match.
Variable speed operation improves filter and chlorinator performance; helps reduce algae build-up.
Built-in self-diagnostics protect the pump.
Permanent magnet motor runs cooler, produces less vibration than induction motors.

IntelliFloXF™ Variable Speed Pool Pump
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