Kreepy Krauly Cleaner Parts

Kreepy Krauly Cleaner Parts


Kreepy Krauly Automatic pool cleaner Parts


Kreepy Krauly Parts and Accessories

Replacement Parts:

Kreepy Krauly automatic regulator valve
Kreepy Krauly  extension hose
Kreepy Krauly  starfish seal
Kreepy Krauly pleated seal


Kreepy Krauly Automatic Regulator Valve for pre 2000 models


Kreepy Krauly Automatic Regulator Valve for 2000 and later models


Kreepy Krauly Extension Hose 40"

Kreepy Krauly hose connector 3" Female/Female section


Kreepy Krauly Starfish Seal Concrete for 2000 and later models


Kreepy Krauly Pleated Seal Universal for 2000 and later models


Kreepy Krauly Vac Plus Plate and Ext.


Kreepy Krauly Vac Plus II Locking Bar


Kreepy Krauly wall climb Adjuster Kit


Kreepy Krauly Hose Float Kit


Kreepy Krauly swivel cone & bearing kit


Kreepy Krauly Pleated seal for pre 2000 models


Kreepy Krauly Wing Set (Blue)


Kreepy Krauly Top Swivel Hose Head Assembly Kit (1999 and later models)

Bumper strap kit for GW7700 Pool Shark cleaner -


Kreepy Krauly wing set (CLIP ON)


Kreepy Krauly foot pad kit


Kreepy Krauly bumper strap kit with end clip

20 ft. One-piece replacement hose for GW9500 cleaner - GW9521

Zodiac Leaf Catcher for added level of controlling clogging and protecting your pump
8.0 ft. Extension hose for GW9500 pool cleaner - GW9511
4.0 ft. Extension hose for GW9500 pool cleaner - GW9519
1 meter (3.2 ft.). extension hose for GW7700 cleaner - 41201-0252


Kreepy Krauly 2000 Model Parts

Kreepy Krauly pool  cleaner parts

1 K12164 Dive Float Restrictor
2 K12157
Dive Float with Clips
3 K12158
Weight Holder
4 K12155
Main Body with Exchange Only
5 K12160
Wing Set
6 K12059
Foot Pad
7 K12896 Universal Pleated seal new model fits all Kreepy Krauly cleaners made after 2000
  K12895 Starfish Seal (for concrete pools only, not interchangeable with 1994 - 1999 models)
8 K12054
Hose Weight Blue
9 K12079 Threaded Compression Adapter
10 K12004 Automatic Regulator Valve (white) and cap (not interchangable with 1994 - 1999 Model)
11 K12163 Drive Tube Top/Bottom (1)
12 K12161 Roller Bumper Strap (includes roller bumper and end clip)
13 K12087 Bearing Washer
14 K12156C Swivel Cone and Bearing
15 K12156 Swivel Cone Head Assembly


Kreepy Krauly replacement Pleated seal part# K12896
Product ID : k12896
Kreepy Krauly Extension Hose 40" aqua blue
Product ID : k21220
Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner Swivel Cone and Bearing
Product ID : k12156c
Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner Wing Set
Product ID : k12160
Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner Bearing Washer
Product ID : k12087
Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner Foot Pad
Product ID : k12059
Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner Hose Weight Blue
Product ID : K12054
Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner Weight Holder
Product ID : k12158

Replacement parts for Pentair Kreepy Krauly automatic pool cleaner