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Specialty Pool Chemicals

Revive™ Phosphate Remover

The best solution for severe algae cleanup

REVIVE!™ is a multi-action product that removes phosphates (algae food), metals including copper and iron, scaling carbonates, organic debris and other contaminants that cause cloudy water. It is formulated for use on new pool startups, replaster / remodel / refills, spring openings, abandoned pools, severe algae cleanups and ongoing maintenance of all swimming pools. REVIVE!™ is compatible with all pool chemicals, sanitizers and finishes and does not require any pre-balancing or pre-treatments. Plus, it will not cloud the water or stain pool decks.

32 fl Oz. treats 24,000 gallons
REVIVE™ 16 oz Natural Pool algae/phosphate treatment

REVIVE™ 32 oz Natural Pool algae/phosphate treatment

REVIVE™ 1 gal. Natural Pool algae/phosphate treatment



Algi-Ban Black Algae Treatment Formula

HASA Algi-ban is 99 % Trichloro-Triazinetrione granular product that effectively kills black algae in white plaster pools. Not for use in vinyl, fiberglass or painted pools. Adjust the pH of the pool to 7.2 - 7.6 and turn off filter system so water can be calm and the HASA Black algae treatment can be poured directly on the algae spots. Brush algae with stainless steel brush first, then pour treatment directly over growth to cover the problem areas. Let the treatment work for 45 - 60 mins and brush the black algae spot again with wire brush..

Super Stain Treat® 2.5 lbs.

2.5 lbs. Treats 15,000 gallons of pool water

Stain treatment for fiberglass pools



HASA Algi-ban Black Algae treatment

Effective in destroying Black algae by slowly desolving the hard protective shell that make Black algae less suseptible to any other swimming pool algaecide.

Best Price


Natural Chemistry Pool and Spa Chemicals

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NCI03220 Pool Perfect 2L (67.6 oz) treats 134,000 gal.

NCI03121 Pool Perfect 3L (101.5 oz) treats 200,000 gal.

NCI05235 Pool Perfect + PHOSFree 2L (67.6 oz) treats 134,000 gal.

NCI05131 Pool Perfect + PHOSFree 3L (101.5 oz) treats 134,000 gal.


Natural Chemistry® Pool Perfect Natural enzyme water treatment technology used in homes, commercial pools, and water theme parks to keep water clear and odor-free.

Pool Perfect ensures silky, sparkling water, prevents scum and waterline ring, eliminates chemical odors, keeps filters clear, extends filter life and reduces shocking — with just a few capfuls each week.

Choose from: Pool Perfect, Pool Perfect + PHOSFree, Pool Perfect Concentrate, Pool Perfect Concentrate + PHOSFree
- No Waterline Ring (scum Line)
- No Chemical Odors
- No Scrubbing
- No Clogged Filter
- No Eye Irritation
- Use with all sanitizers


Natural Chemistry Instant Pool Water Conditioner 1 gal.


Instant Pool Conditioner (stablizer)
When liquid chlorine is exposed to sunlight the chlorine reacts with the UV light and quickly disappear. In a bright sun condition half of unstablized chlorine in pool water can be lost in approx. 45 minutes.

Why is it important to have stabilized chlorine in your pool water?
The swimming pool water- stabilizer level should be tested at the start of the pool season and dded if necessary. The minimum stabilizer level needed to protect chlorine from harmful effect of UV is 30ppm. In the sunbelt regions the recommended stabllrzer level is 40-8Oppm. Without stabilizer the sun will literally burn up your chlorine - leaving nothing in your pool water to protect swimmers from bacteria and disease causing organisms.


Natural Chemistry® Spa Perfect™ 1 pt.

Natural Chemistry® Spa Perfect™ In spa systems, the classic problems created by organic contamination are magnified due to the higher heat and the smaller water volume. Natural Chemistry’s Spa Perfect biodegrades organic such as sweat, cosmetics, and body lotions so they cannot create problems in spas.

Gone forever are waterline rings, clogged filters, chemical odors, and those unappealing brown soapy bubbles. Only clear, clean, sweet-smelling water will remain.

Spa Perfect does such a good job on the organic material that even the filter cartridge stays cleaner — with no soaking and scrubbing. The result is perfect water with much less work — and a much more stable, pleasing environment.

- No Waterline Ring (Scum Line) - No Foaming
- No Clogged Filter - No Scrubbing
- No Chemical Odors - Clear Water
16 oz bottle

Natural Chemistry® Clear™

Natural Chemistry® Clear™ is a chitosan based clarifier made from recycled crab shells. It is easily applied to your pool to quickly clear cloudy water. It is compatible with all sanitizers and pool surfaces.

Highly concentrated natural formula
- Impossible to overdose
- Does not raise filter pressure
- Very effective with high sanitizer levels
- Non-toxic and will not harm the environment

1 qt. (32 oz.) 1 oz trats 7,000 gals



Natural Chemistry® PHOSfree™ eliminates phosphates from your pool. Normal sanitizer levels will prevent algae growth. Natural Chemistry unconditionally guarantees it. The best way to control algae growth is to limit one selected nutrient — phosphates, PHOSfree™ effortlessly, quickly, and completely removes all phosphates from a pool’s water.

PHOSfree is effective and low cost. A typical 20,000-gallon pool with 300 parts per billion (ppb) phosphates is initially treated with a 1 liter/33.8 oz. bottle of PHOSfree by simply adding to the skimmer. The filter is operated normally for one week. PHOSfree attracts and removes phosphates from the pool water, and is removed by cleaning or backwashing the filter.

2L (67.6 oz) Bottle
3L (.79 gal. ) Bottle



Spa Purge
Cleans Where You Can't

For cleaning spa and Jacuzzis that have been idle for a while and eliminate bad odor, foaming and cloudy water.
Spa Purge attacks the root cause of most spa maintenance problems, the build-up of non-living organic waste contamination! Non-living organic contaminants such as; oils, lotions, cosmetics, hair products and sweat build-up in spa water produces waterline rings, cloudiness, clogged filters, unpleasant odors and foaming. These non-living contaminants collect and build-up in your spa, circulation system, and filter. By purging the spa of this non-living organic build-up, the symptoms of contamination will be reduced or eliminated.


Natural Chemistry® Pool First AidThis is The pool problem-solver. Use Pool First Aid to immediately solve your worst organic build-up problems — clogged filters, dark scum lines.


2L (67.6 oz) Bottle


Green Algaecide : Kills green and yellow algae; Prevents regrowth


Part #
1qt. Bottle (12/case)

1 gal. Bottlelbs (4/case)


Basic Pool Water Chemistry Facts you need to know:

The water chemistry balance of swimming pool changes daily due to use of pool, weather condition, addition of sanitizing chemicals, and runoff.
Improper chemistry balance can cause corrosion, scaling and deposits to the pool walls and equipment. Corrosion and scaling can be difficult and expensive to fix once formed. Maintaining the correct chemical balance in your pool/spa will keep the pool/spa sanitary, and prevent costly repairs to pool or equipment. Use our 4-way pool/spa watertest kit to check for Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity and Conditioner levels.

Effect of Low Levels Effect of High Levels
Chlorine 1 - 3 ppm hazy water, algea growth,
bacteria causing infections
Swimmer irritation, bleaching of clothes/hair,
corrosive to heat exchanger
Bromine 2 - 4 ppm hazy water, algea growth,
bacteria causing infections
Swimmer irritation, bleaching of clothes/hair,
corrosive to heat exchanger
pH 7.4 - 7.6 corrodes metal parts,
swimmer irritation
cloudy water, scaling of heat exchanger,
reduced sanitizer effectiveness
Total Alkalinity 80 - 120 ppm corrodes metal parts,
large fluctuations in pH
scaling of heat exchanger
Calcium Hardness 200 - 400 ppm corrodes metal parts, scaling of heat exchanger
Salt 2700 - 5000 ppm poor salt chlorinator performance, low chlorine corrodes metal parts,