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Hayward® EcoStar™ Variable Speed Pump

Hayward TriStar Energy Efficient Pool Pump

The new EcoStar Energy Solution Variable Speed Pump and control maximizes energy efficiency and hydraulic performance. With six programmable speeds you can filter your pool, adjust your spa and water features pressure and flow while using 30% to 70% less energy. The EcoStar Energy Solution Variable Speed pump and control with it's integrated time clock is easy to programm and operate and the separate wall mountable control panel is easy to access. The TriStar Energy Solution Variable Speed Pump and control improves water circulation quality and is extremely quiet.

EcoStar variable speed pump is the most efficient pump at any speed that can save you up 90% on energy costs over a single-speed pump. EcoStar matches pump flow to a pool’s needs, versus running at full power 100% of the time and is suitable for both new construction and the aftermarket.

Hayward® EcoStar™ Variable speed Pump

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EcoStar™ Variable Speed Pump and built-in controller
EcoStar™ Variable Speed Pump with an integrated Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS)

The industry's most robust, versatile, and energy-efficient pool/spa pump - EcoStar Energy Solution variable speed pump and control is proof that high performance doesn't need to come at the expense of high efficiency. Advanced hydraulics and six programmable speeds deliver uncompromising water quality while lowering energy consumption and costs by up to 30% to 70%

Robust, durable motor

Hayward joined forces with a leading motor manufacturer to fortify TriStar pool/spa pump with a versatile, robust motor. With proprietary "reverse air flow" ventilation providing superior cooling (10% to 15% better) and motor protection from water as well as heat, the TriStar's new Emerson Extreme motor is a powerful complement to Hayward's hydraulic design - perfectly paired technologies that instantly thrust TriStar to the forefront in pool, spa and water-feature pump performance.

TriStar pool/spa pump also features a high-head impeller, diffuser and volute engineered to optimize flow by working in harmonious concert. Under the hood, TriStar's Emerson Extreme motor features reverse-air flow ventilation and dual capacitors, which maximize startup torque and operating torque (and give the TriStar it's high energy efficiency). All of this carefully blended, superior engineering has produced an unparalleled pool pump. Key benefits from all this TriStar technology include:

(A) Quiet operation
(B) Efficient, high-capacity water flow; and
(C) Prolonged motor life thanks to a cooler operating temperature.


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Hayward® TriStar™ Pump

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TriStar Waterfall pump

Hayaward TriStar Pool Pump Parts

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1 SPX3200UNKIT Union Connector Kit (Includes Nut, Connector, Gasket)
2 SPX3200UG Union Gasket (T-seal), 50 duro EPDM (2 per pack)
3 SPX3200A Pump Strainer Housing, 2" x 2" with Drain Plugs, Threaded Style
4a SPX3200DLS Strainer Cover Kit (Includes Strainer Cover, Lock Ring, O-Ring)
4b SPX3200DLSB Strainer Cover Kit for Biguanide Sanitizers (Includes Strainer Cover, Lock Ring, T-Ring NOT Pressure Testable)
5 SPX3200S Strainer Cover O-Ring
6 SPX3200M Strainer Basket
7 SPX3200Z8 Diffuser Screws (2 per)
8 SPX4000Z1 Diffuser O-Ring
9 SPX3200B3 Diffuser
10 SPX3200Z1 Impeller Screw
11 SPX3021R Impeller Ring
12 SPX3205C Impeller for 1/2 H.P. with Impeller Screw
12 SPX3207C Impeller for 3/4 H.P. with Impeller Screw
12 SPX3210C Impeller for 1 H.P. with Impeller Screw
12 SPX3215C Impeller for 1 1/2 H.P. with Impeller Screw
12 SPX3220C Impeller for 2 H.P. with Impeller Screw
12 SPX3230C Impeller for 3 H.P. with Impeller Screw
12 SPX3230C5 Impeller for 5 H.P. with Impeller Screw
13 SPX3200SA Shaft Seal Assembly
14 SPX3200T Housing O-Ring
15 SPX3200E Seal Plate
16 SPX3200Z211 Housing Insert and Seal Plate Spacer Kit
17 SPX3200Z3 Housing Bolt
18 SPX3200Z5 Motor Bolt
19 SPX4000FG Drain Plug with O-Ring
20 SPX3200GA Bracket, Motor, Support
21 SPX3200WF Riser Base Aligns with Pentair® WhisperFlo® Ports
22 SPX3200SR Riser Base Aligns with Sta-Rite® Max-E-Pro™, Max-E-Glas®, Dura-Glas® and Dura-Glass II® Ports
Motors Replacement Motor
23 SPX3205Z1BER Replacement motor 1/2 H.P. Energy Efficient Full Rate Magnatek B2846
23 SPX3207Z1BER Replacement motor 3/4 H.P. Energy Efficient Full Rate Magnatek B2847
23 SPX3210Z1BER Replacement motor 1 H.P. Energy Efficient Full Rate Magnatek B2848
23 SPX3215Z1BER Replacement motor 1 1/2 H.P. Energy Efficient Full Rate Magnatek B2858
23 SPX3220Z1BER Replacement motor 2 H.P. Energy Efficient Full Rate Magnatek B2748
23 SPX3230Z1BER Replacement motor 3 H.P. Energy Efficient Full Rate Magnatek B2844


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