Salt & Swim™ 3C

Salt & Swim™ 3C

Hayward Salt & Swim™ 3C Do-it-yourself Salt Water System for In-ground Pools

Salt & Swim 3C provides complete pool and spa sanitization by converting ordinary salt into 100% pure available chlorine. And because salt doesn’t wear out or evaporate, it’s used over and over to make your supply of fresh chlorine virtually endless. A well maintained cell will produce 200 lbs of 100% pure available chlorine which is equivalent to bucketloads of Trichlor and a ton (literally) of liquid chlorine.
Do-it-Yourself Design, Simple Maintenance
Salt & Swim delivers convenient and cost-effective salt chlorination for in-ground pools and spas up to 25,000 gals. Enjoy all the benefits of a salt chlorinated pool but at a price more pool owners can afford.
Key to Salt & Swim products is a Do-it-Yourself design, complete with a Quick Start guide for a fast, reliable and simple installation every time as well as seasonal salt cells (6-month and 12-month) priced comparable to the annual cost of chlorine.

A single Salt & Swim 3C Cell produces 200 lbs of 100% available chlorine which is equivalent to:

225 lbs Trichlor (90%)
208 gallons of Liquid chlorine (10%)-weighs over 1 ton
308 lbs of Calcium hypochlorite (65%)
333 lbs of Dichlor (60%)
571 lbs of Lithium hypochlorite (35%)


Salt & Swim™ 3C Do-it-yourself salt system for In-ground pools