Triton II Sand Filter w/ ClearPro Technology

Triton II Sand Filter w/ ClearPro Technology

The #1 sand filter in the world
Is now capable of “polishing” pool water like never before

Filtration engineers talk about “polishing” water. It means stripping all visible contaminants for sparkling clarity. In the past, sand filters were not capable of this performance, but they were legendary for their dependable service and low maintenance requirements. Today, thanks to patented ClearPro Technology®, the world’s #1 sand filter can achieve “polished” water quality. Plus, the Triton® II sand filter retains its position as the filter that requires the least attention from you. The secret is a component inside the filter—a porous tube through which water must pass before it re-enters the pool. It creates a final barrier to the small particles sand cannot stop, including the finest dust particles, algae and pollen. The result is dazzling water clarity—a level not attainable by any sand filter without ClearPro Technology. At the same time, Triton II remains the blissfully simple filter that requires less maintenance than either cartridge or D.E. filters. Just an occasional backwashing with the turn of a valve is all it takes to keep Triton II delivering the clearest water year after year.

Triton II Side-mount Sand Filter with ClearPro Technology